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Activités périscolaires Berkendael
+32 (0)472 07 35 25
BE91 3631 6790 0976
Activités périscolaires Uccle
+32 (0)2 375 31 35
BE30 3100 2003 2711
+32 (0)2 374 76 75
BE10 3100 9205 4504
+32 (0)2 373 87 68
BE52 3101 4777 1809
Coordination & Direction
Garderie Berkendael
+32 (0)472 07 35 25
BE91 3631 6790 0976
Garderie Uccle
+32 (0)2 375 31 35
BE72 3100 8650 7316
+32 (0)2 373 87 68
BE52 3101 4777 1809
Natation (toutes les écoles)
+32 (0)2 375 31 35
BE30 3100 2003 2711
+32 (0)2 374 70 46
BE77 3100 8642 2642



APEEE Services is in charge of the management of the canteen, transport, lockers, after-school care and garderie services.  It offers these services only to children attending the European School BXL1 for the sites of Uccle and Berkendael.

By requesting the enrolment of your child(ren) in one of these services, you agree to become a member of the APEEE and therefore to pay the annual fee of 55€ per family.

In accordance with the APEEE statutes, any failure to pay the APEEE fee will result in the cancellation of orders placed with the various services.

Registration for services and management of orders is done via our website.

Each year (generally in the first week of June) the APEEE and the APEEE Services inform the parents of the automatic renewal of the orders (transport, canteen and lockers) of the previous year and of the opening of registrations for new pupils or parents wishing to register their child in a service for the first time.

On the registration site, parents are asked to enter a valid e-mail address which they consult regularly.  Registration confirmations and payment requests are sent to this email address.
Payments should be made to the bank account of the relevant department, together with the structured communication provided in each payment request.  In the event of an account error when transferring money, the amount will be refunded and you will have to make a new payment to the correct bank account.

In case of non-payment of a fee for one of the services, the account of the family concerned will be blocked from the week before the renewal of the canteen, transport and locker orders.  The account will remain blocked and the parents will not be able to register their child(ren) for the following school year until they have settled their payments.

In the event of force majeure leading to the cessation or suspension of one or more of our association's services, the APEEE Services will not be obliged to reimburse the full amount of the subscriptions and will reimburse on a pro rata basis the sessions/meals/activities not provided once the fixed charges have been deducted at the end of the school year. The reimbursement will therefore not be 100%.

The management of the ASBL and/or the Board of Directors reserves the right to temporarily exclude any member whose conduct is inappropriate towards the staff of the ASBL and/or any member of the management committees and/or the Board of Directors and/or the staff of the service provider.  

Physical, verbal or written violence (threats, insults, defamation, humiliation, etc.) may be punished by exclusion.  Such exclusion is subject to a decision by the Board of Directors and may be revoked after a satisfactory improvement in the conduct of the member concerned has been demonstrated.

Any parent who registers his/her child(ren) for one of our services acknowledges that he/she has read and accepted our general conditions as well as the regulations specific to each service:

Extracurricular in Uccle
Extracurricular in Berkendael
Child care

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Dear parents,

Enrolment for services for 2024-2025 opened on 10 June 2024. You will find all the information you need on the ‘enrolment for services’ menu:

- how to update your personal data on your adult form
- enrolment in Uccle (instruction manual to help you to order the services you want)
- enrolment in Berkendael (instruction manual to help you order the services you want)