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Activités périscolaires Berkendael
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Activités périscolaires Uccle
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Coordination & Direction
Garderie Berkendael
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Garderie Uccle
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Natation (toutes les écoles)
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Bannière périscolaire


After school activities are organised for all grades, both in kindergarden and primary.

After school activities enable children to discover, to enhance or sometimes to develop certain talents, whether artistic, sportive or musical. They give children with the same interests the opportunity to work closely in small groups where they can give free reign to their enthusiasm and creativity.

A child can express itself through a common denominator : the subject of interest, a sport, music or the theatre.

All that is needed is to guide the child in developing his/her skills, whether within the school facilities or outside.


The extracurricular office works in close collaboration with the school.

Within the school’s possibilities, its existing infrastructure and the general planning of daily use of the infrastructure, we are entitled to the use of certain  class rooms, gym hall and art rooms for its after school activities.

The number of class rooms which we are entitled to use determines the number of courses/activities on offer and their time table.

Each year, we trie to maximize the use of class rooms on offer.


The criteria for selecting activities are :

  • A specific request
  • The educational and/or attractive nature of the activity
  • The maintenance of activities that work well
  • The will to implement activities that are very successful in other structures.

The activities are not an "apprenticeship", even if some of them require some training (e.g. music). The level of requirement and competence of each activity allows the child to evolve in the discipline he or she has chosen.


New instructors and teachers will be selected by the existing team of instructors. We receives new offers and recruits new instructors through the network of other schools and organizations that offer activities to children.

Instructors/teachers are being chosen on the following grounds :

  • Their training and professional experience
  • Their motivation
  • Their capability of teaching a group of children
  • Their availability
  • Our needs

We aim to replace absent instructors/teachers the same day.